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Welcome friend! 

So hello, welcome to my creative world. My name is Darsh, Darsh Kaur and I believe I started this blog in January of 2015.  Obviously if you go to my archive, my posts do not lead all the way back to then; i apologize, i have hidden them. That was from a time where I just needed to let it all out without filtering my thoughts. I might fix them up and pst them again. I believe in the concept of living a filter-free life, but sometimes you have to put a leash your on your words, your thoughts so that you don't get yourself in trouble. Also, in addition to a filter-free life, I hope to live a label-free life as well. Oh! Also, a significant and fun fact about me. I'm a Sikh. Sikhism is a religion, fifth largest in the world but not a lot of people know about us, so I wanted to let that one out. Anyways, that's the most random little summary of me. Hope you get to know more about me through my posts. 

With all the love and care, 
Darsh Kaur

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