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i am not poster perfection

dear society,
thank you for covering your magazines
your posters
your billboards
with curvy women
with women of color
whether that color resembles melted caramel dripping down someone’s sugared lips
or a shade of black that is bolder than any man ever known
whether that color is filled with a yellow hue as bright as the sun,
i do thank you.
but society,
you are now starting to constrain on these curvy or colored women
i hear you saying that
“hey if you wanna be curvy you gotta have em like the kardashians”
and a little girl told me that if i wanted be beautiful with my color, my body must be of one, single glowing tone
the slightest bit discoloration on my skin is not allowed
i cant have blemishes
or scars
or stretch marks
i hear you say that you want a women with color or curves but,
she must qualify.
so even though black and brown and yellow and all the other shades that are slabbed up upon your magazines, a little girl like me could never fit your unrealistic possibilities.
so dear society,
even though…