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Did I scatter your fantasy?

After seven months of us not talking and after 11 months you popped up on my phone again. But this was my new one. It was a fresh start. My new inception.
I've had a new beginning.
I’m a new me. You don’t know this new me; I put my pieces back together differently.
I’ve changed and matured and learned and developed. We don’t talk; we haven’t in so long. So why now? Why are you questioning me, popping up on my phone asking me “what the f***” what? Where do you come off? Why? How? What?
I hate it. So much. You. The situation. Why it happened. And everything. Just the story. And then you question me about your secret, your fantasy. Asked if I had told anyone. No, I did not. Why would I?
I don’t know why you’re friends think that I don’t know, I don’t know who you are. It is your secret, and if you want to go out with it, that’s all up to you.
I don't know; I don’t care. So that is you, all you buddy. If people know about it, that isn’t on me, it’s you, all of it. So I’m sorry th…

five minutes

10:58 am - He sat in the middle of chemistry and sat down, with chemicals in one hand and a test tube in the other. He didn’t know left from right. Yes, the world was still spinning, but for him, i­t­­ had all stopped. The dirty blonde haired sophomore with green hazel eyes just sat there and thought back to seventh grade. That was when he had met his black rose. Beautiful on the outside, as if there was like no other but with a touch, just a soft touch, it’d kill you. Beautiful but deadly. You’ve heard that saying right? Well, that’s when he had met her, the black rose, in seventh grade, first period Spanish right in front. Ironically her name was Rose Sarantino. He thought of everything, that entire relationship or friendship that lasted approximately two and a half years. All that time wasted and as he was in the middle of thinking the bell rings. He walks out of chem and runs into her. Hands shaking, short of breath and all that pain and terror magnifies twelve times, and he walk…