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i'm not your toy and neither is she

I'm sorry my lips aren't perfect enough for you.  Sorry, so sorry they aren't a rose like pink with enough plump to hold your kiss. I'm scrubbing them with this scrub I paid thirty bucks for.  Will you take me then?  Sorry, I have brown eyes, I am getting colored contacts this week.  Will you take me then?  Oh, I'm sorry my waist isn't skinny enough for you. Sorry, it isn't the right shape to be held by my your wrists. Sorry, it doesn't have these round, perfect curves. I will get surgery this month. I have an appoint made for viewing on the third of May. Will you take me then?  Oh, I'm sorry I'm not blonde, not a brunette. I'm sorry I'm a redhead. I'm so sorry you don't see my hair and these beautiful locks of red strength. I know it isn't your color, I am going out to my hair dye tomorrow, I promise.  Will you take me then?  I'm sorry my breasts aren't small enough for the world. I'm getting surgery for that to…

even if I yelled in the middle of my school halls, I wouldn’t have been loud enough

I didn't stumble this time, I just wrote poetry, that's all. Some people, no matter how close, will never believe you. This is a story that was inspired by a book, not my story but it is definitely my writing. 

she said no.  she said stop. she said these things to you.  she said she didn’t want to be touched or held in the manner you were. she wanted out.  she said these things to you.  but you didn’t listen. 
so then she said help me, he touched me, on the side of my body, drunk. help me, he touched me, by my hip, drunk. she said these things to the counselor. they turned and they said, you shouldn’t have. shouldn’t have hugged him, been there with him. you should’ve been smarter. so then she said okay and walked out.
she said this is what happened and that is what happened to her best friend. she said these things to her best friend.  the best fiend defended her for two seconds and then turned around and said fuck it, this is just teen girl drama and lies. she said what happened to her best…