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Sikhism & Sterotypes

Sikhism (Sikhi)- a monotheistic religion that originated in Punjab, a North-Western region in India (subcontinent in South Asia) during the 15th century. 
Sikhism, a religion that is not as widely talked or known about, yet it is the 5th largest religion in the world.  
The word Sikh means a "learner" or a "disciple."
The beliefs of Sikhism are expressed and written in the sacred scripture called theGuru Granth Sahib. The Guru Granth Sahib includes faith and meditation in the name of the one creator, a unity of all mankind, engaging inselfless service, striving for social justice for thebenefit and prosperity of all. Sikhism has 27-28 million followers worldwide and isthe.
  The word 'Sikhism' is derived from the Punjabi verb Sikhi, with roots in Sikhana (to learn), and Sikhi connotes the "temporal path of learning." Sikhism is a monistic religion and states that there is one supreme entity holding control of the entire universe. This entity is referr…