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Self Worth & Self Esteem

Disclaimer: this can turn into a rant but i'll try not to:)  but hello again! :) 
i've recently been motivated and i've had` this vibe or whatever that just makes me want to keep going. Honestly, that is not like me, that doesn't sound like me but for some reason i've been so determined this year and i'm not completely sure about how i got there.  i think it started off from me talking to someone on Snapchat and this girl, Anna,  (let's just say Anna, not her real name though) said that you just have to work hard and keep going and you will hate it but you just have to. There's no option. So somehow after that day, i've been so motivated to keep going and one of my friends laughs at me for this but when i want to stop or give up i literally say, "just keep swimming." For anything, that's like my "mantra" (haha) but it honestly works so well for me. 
Since that day when i talked to Anna, which i believe was a day before new y…