Hello !
Okay so I honestly don't even know where to start.

Alright can we please just take like 2 minutes and just think about the people we've lost this summer. I think it has been the most emotional summer ever. I can't even began to think the amount of pain the families are in. Oh, God. Personally, i believe in God and my faith is pretty strong but i do not force my faith on people. I think everyone should be who they want to be and shouldn't be hurt or killed for being themselves. I have two friends who are atheists and a few homosexual friends and i love them, so much. Like try to hurt them and see what happens. I am SOOOO against bullying. It bugs me how people are just ugh, i have no idea how to explain what i am feeling. People who are gay, bi, transgender, atheists, etc. are amazing and beautiful. I find gay people so cute and adorable. (omg, i sound so weird but it's true) 
You should live life the way you want to. I'm sorry but do not listen to anyone who says that you can't be who you want to be. I mean, sorry, but respect your parents but if they tell you that there is something wrong with being homosexual or anything else that isn't considered "usual", PLEASE tell them it's not. It is so beautiful. 
You don't have to agree with me, but you, your parents or friends , anyone in this world MAY NOT judge someone or hurt them because they are who they are. You can think what you want to think but if you hurt them, that's just not fair. 

Being you should not cost you your life, rest in peace Christina Grimmie. 

haha, I'm so sorry this post is ALL over the place. I just feel so many emotions right now and it's all rushing out from my fingers onto my keyboard and then on the screen. I can not wait to write more. I am so blessed and excited to start writing again. I missed it but i also just wanted to spend time with my family and myself. 

Tory Kelly~ Blink Of An Eye, song for Christina Grimmie.
i listened to this on repeat while i was writing this post. I knew Christina Grimmie (thank you YouTube) from the many we lost this summer. 


"you are strong. so own it."
~ Christina Grimmie

Thanks for reading and umm my readers are growing. In France! Like what? omg, it's so cool. 
also, please excuse my bad grammar and writing. it's two am. 
much love, me. 


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