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What People and I Have Forgotten

Heho! This will be a very short post just reminding myself and my viewers or whatever you would prefer to be called. I was look back at an old post of mine, Open Up?!?!. Also, yes I know I said I wouldn't post something for a while but I wanted to just remind the people out there (and me) that the MAIN reason I am doing this blog and writing is cause I love to write and discover myself, to talk about what I stand for and to PROMOTE SELF LOVE!! I am actually happy to say that after I am of of my "break", a few (hopefully) of my posts will be about self love, confidence, and accepting and caring for yourself. I was looking back at that old post and it reminded me why I am doing this. Check out that post. It's short but deep and yes, means a lot to me. Love, Darsh

Been Gone..

Hey! I am so sorry to everyone who reads this blog often(if there is anyone. haha). Sorry for being AWOL for about 2+ months. I have been trying to discover myself this summer and so I've been taking time for me! If you know me, you would know that that never really happens. So sorry for the absence but just to let you know my next post will be when I am back home from India. Don't worry, it will not be that long. hehe ;) much love, Darshleen Kaur <3