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That Twinge of Social Anxiety

Hey! I have an interesting topic that I believe a lot of people go through. That certain topic is social anxiety. You probably know that I have anxiety and a panic attack occasionally pops up every day or so. Social anxiety is slightly different than an every other day panic attack. I am no doctor but, it's when you are shy or uncomfortable and you get the "ugh I can't do this around my friends or people" or you lock yourself away, be alone and don't interact with people because you are scared of being made fun of or un accepted or your symptoms. For me, it hurts to be in that position and to see someone in that position, kills me. It hurts to see someone or something control your happiness.
I was recently on a trip and we had a night on a boat where about 150 people dancing and having a great night. So, I was dancing and having an awesome time but then those stares just started and I stopped. Those ugly stares forced my to stop having fun and trying to live …