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What Are You Scared Of?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fearful much? I get it. I fear all sorts if things. I don't consider myself as a coward I just have lost some strength in some places, so I don't believe I can do as much as I could about two years ago.  I want to do a lot of adventures thing this year. I want to go out more. I get anxious, nervous or scared of what might happen if I do this. I think if I mess it up I could do a disaster. I don't deserve to live this way. If  this happens to you, neither do you. We both don't deserve to live in a way where we are scared. You may not be as nervous or as hesitant but you probably do have some fears. I have a few but it's like the one thing I'm scared of, kind of triggers everything else and I end up being a nervous, hesitant wreck. Whenever I have this freaked out feeling I go to my brother.         Now, my brother isn't  a 23 year old dude who get's that I have anxiety and can help me, but the brother I do have get's it.…