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Hello !
Okay so I honestly don't even know where to start.
Alright can we please just take like 2 minutes and just think about the people we've lost this summer. I think it has been the most emotional summer ever. I can't even began to think the amount of pain the families are in. Oh, God. Personally, i believe in God and my faith is pretty strong but i do not force my faith on people. I think everyone should be who they want to be and shouldn't be hurt or killed for being themselves. I have two friends who are atheists and a few homosexual friends and i love them, so much. Like try to hurt them and see what happens. I am SOOOO against bullying. It bugs me how people are just ugh, i have no idea how to explain what i am feeling. People who are gay, bi, transgender, atheists, etc. are amazing and beautiful. I find gay people so cute and adorable. (omg, i sound so weird but it's true)  You should live life the way you want to. I'm sorry but do not listen to anyo…

What People and I Have Forgotten

Heho! This will be a very short post just reminding myself and my viewers or whatever you would prefer to be called. I was look back at an old post of mine, Open Up?!?!. Also, yes I know I said I wouldn't post something for a while but I wanted to just remind the people out there (and me) that the MAIN reason I am doing this blog and writing is cause I love to write and discover myself, to talk about what I stand for and to PROMOTE SELF LOVE!! I am actually happy to say that after I am of of my "break", a few (hopefully) of my posts will be about self love, confidence, and accepting and caring for yourself. I was looking back at that old post and it reminded me why I am doing this. Check out that post. It's short but deep and yes, means a lot to me. Love, Darsh

Been Gone..

Hey! I am so sorry to everyone who reads this blog often(if there is anyone. haha). Sorry for being AWOL for about 2+ months. I have been trying to discover myself this summer and so I've been taking time for me! If you know me, you would know that that never really happens. So sorry for the absence but just to let you know my next post will be when I am back home from India. Don't worry, it will not be that long. hehe ;) much love, Darshleen Kaur <3

Am I Surviving?

I am going to try to answer the tittle in this post. To be honest, I don't know if I am. That wave of bullying came back! yay! (sarcastic alert) Honestly, it was dying out and I was hoping that it would stay that way until summer break started, then it would be gone for good, or so i hope. Maybe I jinxed it! :P ugh. Knowing myself I know I'll survive or at least try. "It's better to try than to give up." I am trying but not succeeding. I think that I maybe still broken or not even 30% okay. Yeah, I'm not  perfectly okay., but who is? Yet, I'm trying, I really am, and that makes the day survivable. I know that i'm not letting the words hurt me, i am shutting out what i don't want to hear, and i'm looking ahead. I know I'm not surviving  with no pain but neither are two of my friends. They have their own life issues and I try to stay strong around them and I try to help them but then I don't think about myself. I have this personality t…

That Twinge of Social Anxiety

Hey! I have an interesting topic that I believe a lot of people go through. That certain topic is social anxiety. You probably know that I have anxiety and a panic attack occasionally pops up every day or so. Social anxiety is slightly different than an every other day panic attack. I am no doctor but, it's when you are shy or uncomfortable and you get the "ugh I can't do this around my friends or people" or you lock yourself away, be alone and don't interact with people because you are scared of being made fun of or un accepted or your symptoms. For me, it hurts to be in that position and to see someone in that position, kills me. It hurts to see someone or something control your happiness.
I was recently on a trip and we had a night on a boat where about 150 people dancing and having a great night. So, I was dancing and having an awesome time but then those stares just started and I stopped. Those ugly stares forced my to stop having fun and trying to live …

Relationship Breakups.

Do you ever feel like you are putting more effort than the other person in a relationship? I do. Did. I recently "broke up" with a friend. To be honest, it was like a relationship. When she broke up with me, it hurt. A lot. We actually went on a school trip and we were at the beach. We had been fighting for weeks. She was dominating and would manipulate my thoughts, but I didn't realize it. I wanted to talk about to I asked if we could, and she said no. And it hurt. She let me crying in my friend's arms, and I still can't fall sleep. This happened about two day ago. We were like best friends, or at least that's what I thought. But she used me, and it took me quite a while to realize that. I trust her, I always have. Point is, be clever. Don't let anyone loose. I do have quite hard time letting go, but I'm a fast leaner. So I'll learn how to let go, its not rocket science. But I loved her like a sister, and she made me love her and ripped my…

Bedside Essentials.

Hello! I think it's quite obvious that I started my blog to express myself and open up. I usually just talk about life related stuff, but I'd like to explore more. So I decided to type up something different that I love reading about.
So before I sleep I have a few things I like. Usually, I can't all asleep. It takes forever. So, I have a few things I do to either sleep or just let out a bad day on paper. I love photography, but I don't to that before I sleep. I usually like to listen to music. It helps me calm down and gather my thoughts. Then, slowly I'll start dreaming about something.
I also love to read a book. I've been reading more this year, and it sometimes it makes me believe the most unreal things. I love it.
I always need water as I sleep, and as soon as I wake up. I can't tell you how helpful and good water is. It is so helpful and healthy. I can literally see a difference in my skin when I drink more water.

Fun fact: If you drink cold i…

What Are You Scared Of?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fearful much? I get it. I fear all sorts if things. I don't consider myself as a coward I just have lost some strength in some places, so I don't believe I can do as much as I could about two years ago.  I want to do a lot of adventures thing this year. I want to go out more. I get anxious, nervous or scared of what might happen if I do this. I think if I mess it up I could do a disaster. I don't deserve to live this way. If  this happens to you, neither do you. We both don't deserve to live in a way where we are scared. You may not be as nervous or as hesitant but you probably do have some fears. I have a few but it's like the one thing I'm scared of, kind of triggers everything else and I end up being a nervous, hesitant wreck. Whenever I have this freaked out feeling I go to my brother.         Now, my brother isn't  a 23 year old dude who get's that I have anxiety and can help me, but the brother I do have get's it.…

January 18th!

I can not believe it'll have been a whole entire year since I've been on this blog. It has been a very psychotic year, but I just can't believe this. I thought i would chicken out and end up not doing this for a whole month..   I started the blog on January 18th 2015, and published my first post then. After a few weeks, i was nervous about that post so i deleted it... i SO regret that.. but i've been growing and learning since then. That's really good. I am so excited and i think that as a young teenager i want to celebrate my one year in a different way.  I assume that every teen is either a bully, the victim, or the witness, which by the way being a witness is just as bad as the bully. I hope that is this goes somewhere. I am slowly coming with the idea for preventing bullying. We can't stop it because it is too big of an issue. We can prevent things that happen and try to save something/someone that matter to us. Keep your eyes open.
But yeah, the whole en…

New Year. New Start.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello! I guess I'll have a pretty interesting post today. I think. haha. So, for one Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016. I am so excited for this year. It is a new start and I PROMISE you that this year I will be so much more consistent and I'm going to be me. I have realized that in my previous posts I was being someone I'm not. Honestly, now when I'm looking back it kills me. SO MUCH BLOOD. hahaha. Really, I feel so bad. I have decided to turn this year into a lot better than 2015. I guess you could say that this is like a small alert,  something just to tell you about my few small plans coming up ahead. Since it is a new year I have decided to come with about six new year resolutions. I decided to share them with you and some tips on making your new years resolutions list.  My list: 1. Read more. I have started to like reading more and I have decided to read one book per month.  2. Do something spiritual 10-15 minutes a day. 3. Work ou…