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Christmas Guide

Happy Holidays! I think one fact you should know about me is that I am completely OBSESSED with Christmas. I am not a Christian so I don't celebrate it but I love it. The colors, food, decorations, movies, scents. Christmas trees, and obviously the Christmas tunes. In this post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Christmas movies, scents, songs and treats.  Treats! 1. Festive Hot Coco It's Christmas time and I can't live without hot chocolate. Simple hot chocolate is awesome but adding in homemade whipped cream and candy canes just makes it the best evening hot drink on with a Christmas movie. For the homemade whipped cream, use proper cream and whip it up till it reaches the consistency you desire.   Then mix the cocoa with milk (or water, I prefer milk. So much better.). After that, top it with a load of whipped cream and pop in a candy cane to the side. 2.  Chocolate Lace Lollipops For these antique-ish looking lace pops you need to start off with meltin…

Friendship Talk

Hey guys! Recently i have been having some troubles with friends. I did want to write a post about how to deal with friendships, but at the moment I'm not the best place to do so. 
In fifth grade, i went to India for a year to be with my family and i went to school there. I made a few friends. Now, i have been through so much and obviously they don't know all of it. Sometimes, I don't even know what happened to my life.  I have started to grow out of one of the friendships. Let's say her name is, "X". Well, umm, X has really hurt me by saying that i rant on my blog like a pathetic loser. I do sometimes rant on this blog, but i love to write. 
Also, who died and made you judge? ( i said sarcastically) 
So X has really been messing with my head and i turned into a messenger. Which is really annoying.  i honestly don't know what to do.  When ever i want to talk about something that is I'm portent to me, she'll turn the table and start talking about …