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Racist Much?

No matter who or what you are there is honestly no excuse for being racist. A while back, I wrote a post called "I'm Like A Sponge", I mentioned that a friend's family member was cussed at. 
so this is what happened... 
Anyways, so her dad is picking her up from school, and they're stuck in traffic. We're waiting and the windows are down. Out of nowhere this kid yells to them, "Hey you terrorist! I'm gonna f*** your wife!" I'm not going to go in to more details, sorry. She said I could type about this, but to keep it as closed up as possible.
TBH if this ever happens to you, report it! PROMISE me you will!!  NO matter what.
I did tell my friends, but all I got were gasps... not really affective or helpful.
There isn't realty a way you can prevent it, but you can definitely do something about it when it happens. PLEASE!!! My friend hopes that you will always be there for family and if this ever happens to you.. say something. Oh and d…

Life Lesson Learned

"Never take life for granted."         Recently, someone told me this. We had an intense talk (intense, you could say) about life and how important it is. I have anxiety and there are some times when I am just sick of life. I have major panic attacks now and then. Ihad one last night.       I recently posted a post on "love/crush" related things. It's quite girly, but oh well. I posted that post when I was calm.
        Before that, I had a panic attack, and I am not going through the best phase in my life. So, I texted someone and they really helped me. He made me realize that I shouldn't take life for granted. I wish I'd known that last year.
       I've been bullied before. A while ago, I was convinced from "outside forces" that there is a concept of popularity. One of my friends told me that I was wrong. There is no concept of that sort. It's all in my mind. I just need to be more confident, and I need to learn to love and be…