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I'm Like A Sponge

Regardless of who is reading this I am going to type up a blog post and press "post". Within the last three years I've grown and I've shrunk down like a sponge. I tend to soak up some lessons and some pain. I assume it is human nature that we soak up the negatives. As much as I've tried I can never always let go of them. When I started sixth grade, I felt awesome. It was very "accomplishing" (I would say). I could walk in the room, knowing that the boy I liked was about to walk in through the door. I would loose sleep over a test. Now, I've completely forgot how to o that, or anything typical.   My best friends think I can. If I'm not talking to him, I'm hurting. If I am talking then by other peoples eyes I'm "flirting". Again, I'm thinking about those other people.. I think that this year, eighth grade, may be the hardest. Academically, eh, not really. I know someone who is practically Einstein 2.0. Literally, this pers…

Open Up?!?!

    I recently realized that I have kind of brought my self down. I have recently experienced major pain. I almost lost a friend to God. She has been a great support but she, herself is going through a lot of issues. I couldn't believe it when she told me!
   This isn't about that, this post is about how I  have to open up and why I am doing this blog.
I don't care about all the people who don't like this blog and the bullies that cant handle when I talk about them. I might sound rude but I think I should forget about that, and do what I want to, promote self love & happiness.


I wrote this a long time ago. I published it and then one day felt hesitant and decided to remove it. It's true though, this still happens. 

So its official many people in my school HATE my blog. Today I actually found one reason why they are mad at me. Its because I write about my bullying yet they think I am mean to them. I know how they feel and why. I may be mean to them.... but its not like I do it on purpose. The thing is that they.. I... us, we have filled up our relationship (as acquaintances) with so much negativity. I do realize and accept I can be rude at times, but all of sixth grade I spent trying to make them like me and being nice. It just doesn't work, what am I supposed to do.   So now I just cant like them because of ALL the negativity that's been created....

Someone told me to forget about the haters... It can be hard; Considering you see them every day.