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Vacation & Cute pubs...!!

Hello!  About a week ago, I went on vacation, it was so much fun. I thought that you guys would like to see my photography skills. ( joking ) We went on a mini cruise, and we also went parasailing.... Plus, whilst on the cruise my grandma was FREAKING OUT as she is so afraid of water. The beach was beautiful as well, but I don't have pictures of them, yet. The parasailing view was quite magical and amazing! Can't wait for next year!!  Honestly, it was so much fun. Hope you like it. The sunset.... There is a guy who lives on that boat! No joke. Therese pots with that cute boat !!! Ok. This wasn't taken on vacation, but it was water related... so yeah.. :) I live this picture of this dock.... There was this really cute pub we were at.. OMG.. the food was amazing!!

At the same pub...!

Just a cute little shop... The rest are just pictures from when I was on the cruise...

Maturity and Chats... Ready?

Hello!! I was recently told that your maturity level grows with experience. Mainly experience of life. I agree, it does. I was also told that a thirteen year old an a forty five year old can not go through the same experience without living a similar lifetime. Wrong!! I am 13 yet I am goofy, sensitive (extremely), strong- as in hardcore, and I am very mature for my age. I am not bragging- there is nothing to brag about. All I am saying, is that for the parents that think their kids aren't mature enough or aren't ready for things in life, they should let go. Let go and then find out. I was told I am not mature, I am stupid, and idiotic. I don't care, what you see me as or how my attitude affects you. If the other person thinks I am idiotic. I ignore them. I suggest you do that too. If someone insults you, among 10, 100 or just one other person, stop them. Trust me it's not worth being made fun of. 

Also, I recently got in contact with one of the bullies, who bullies…