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Self Love. Experience.

Hello.............................................. My last couple posts were just to get something up. To be honest they were not very meaningful. Hopefully this will be a lot better...... now on to the main part........ As you may know I suffer through anxiety, bullying and a lot of pressure.  Just gonna put this out there. "I am Indian"  Now my friends that I grew up with are Indian. No big deal on that, but when I tell them about my issues in life, they blow it out of proportion. Which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. There is nothing wrong with me.  What happens is that I take TOO much pressure on myself and I suffer through bullying which could have triggered my anxiety. I think it is one of the main reasons. When I say there is nothing wrong with me I mean that what the "Indian" group's assumption is that I am this crazy mental patient. Honestly, they don't understand anxiety and take it as a mental issue.    I am not against Indians and not all of…

Starbucks & Books

Do you ever feel that when you wake up you have to do something?


Today was a interesting and a day where I can say " I moved on from the people who don't understand what my life is all about. "
I got back in contact with a old friend of mine. She told me what she was going through and I didn't want to give her sympathy, so I gave her advice. 

     Most of the day I spent my time at Barnes & Nobles. I sat there and typed and typed. I really enjoyed it there; mostly because it was very calm and peaceful. Like a library but it had a little bit more of a sound and feeling to it.

I do enjoy Starbucks and bought myself a Java Chip Frappuccino !

Above all I sat there and read Girl Online and typed.