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Fell On A Walk - Poem

This is one of the many poems I've written. I love to write, especially poetry, and I found this poem...Enjoy!

I don't know who he is,
he reminds of the other one,
the other one whom I admire.

I might be too young,
but unlike others I have a special thing for him.
Is it a special thing?
Is it a secret and emotional feeling?
Could be, Yes!

I could be stupid,
to fall in love at this young age.
I don't know if it is even love,
all I want is for him to take me,
take me somewhere,

I am not sure of leaving everything behind and going,
going to live with him in the mountains.
I am sure of the fact that he loves me,
and will die with me,
breath the same air as me,
and never let me go.

We went on a simple walk,
in the morning,
and then fell,
fell in love.........................

In Love................

* So guys I hoped you like that poem I wrote " Fell On A Walk ". I want to tell I am not in love with anyone I was just bored and decided to…

It is meant to be!!!

Hi guys! I recently went to a dinner and at the end I got two fortune cookies and I decided to open them.  One of them read "hear with your ears but listen with your heart" And the other said "your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself"  The second one turly defines my nature, ambitious. I recently posted a new blog update thanking Zoe Sugg. I'm not sure that you all read the part of my horrendous experiences. If at least one of you goes through the same things and haven't been making a change then I suggest that you do now. 
" Zoe and I suffer through the same complications like anxiety, panic attacks. I suffer through that, but I also suffer through bullying ( both cyber and emotional. also gossip). "   " I don't know if I have ended up opening this blog to only people from my school, but that's not what I want. I want this to go far and big. "
 I hope that these last two posts have helped or have told you more…