Not Gonna Stop

For the past couple days I have been getting mean looks and comments about my blog. I think that they are  scared..........of what I'm not sure. Just because they are giving me these looks doesn't mean that I am going stop writing, its just giving me more courage to write. I have been thinking so much about being homeschooled, and when I told a friend one of the "jerks" heard me and said "yes, thank god". can't be serious, how mean.... I have been through a endless amount of stupid comments and  looks. They think I cant hear their mean comments or see their looks,  but I do. My friends have really supported me..... I cant seem to understand why they do this, why they think its funny.. its not.......... what have I ever done to them.

When I think of homeschooling I realize it just gives them more power to ruin me. NO! I'm not going to be homeschooled............. I know I can stand up to this and  will.

  Just because someone seems happy doesn't mean they really are. You see, even a white rose has a black shadow.


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