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Not Gonna Stop

Hello...! For the past couple days I have been getting mean looks and comments about my blog. I think that they are  scared..........of what I'm not sure. Just because they are giving me these looks doesn't mean that I am going stop writing, its just giving me more courage to write. I have been thinking so much about being homeschooled, and when I told a friend one of the "jerks" heard me and said "yes, thank god". can't be serious, how mean.... I have been through a endless amount of stupid comments and  looks. They think I cant hear their mean comments or see their looks,  but I do. My friends have really supported me..... I cant seem to understand why they do this, why they think its funny.. its not.......... what have I ever done to them.
When I think of homeschooling I realize it just gives them more power to ruin me. NO! I'm not going to be homeschooled............. I know I can stand up to this and  will.
  Just because someo…

Something Different

I honestly never imagined that teens from my school would end up reading this blog. I thought this would just be a place for people who don't know me...... or might. It was actually kidna sort of weird or amazing....... still cant decide. He said that he read my blog it was weird at first, but I guess I was happy. I wasn't sure if they realized that they were the ones bullying me. Honestly, I don't think they even thought or realized that they do it.

 Surprisingly, things have calmed downed for now but I have no idea if there is something huge waiting for me.

Waiting to see their reaction to this post..........