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Christmas Guide

Happy Holidays! I think one fact you should know about me is that I am completely OBSESSED with Christmas. I am not a Christian so I don't celebrate it but I love it. The colors, food, decorations, movies, scents. Christmas trees, and obviously the Christmas tunes. In this post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Christmas movies, scents, songs and treats.  Treats! 1. Festive Hot Coco It's Christmas time and I can't live without hot chocolate. Simple hot chocolate is awesome but adding in homemade whipped cream and candy canes just makes it the best evening hot drink on with a Christmas movie. For the homemade whipped cream, use proper cream and whip it up till it reaches the consistency you desire.   Then mix the cocoa with milk (or water, I prefer milk. So much better.). After that, top it with a load of whipped cream and pop in a candy cane to the side. 2.  Chocolate Lace Lollipops For these antique-ish looking lace pops you need to start off with meltin…

Friendship Talk

Hey guys! Recently i have been having some troubles with friends. I did want to write a post about how to deal with friendships, but at the moment I'm not the best place to do so. 
In fifth grade, i went to India for a year to be with my family and i went to school there. I made a few friends. Now, i have been through so much and obviously they don't know all of it. Sometimes, I don't even know what happened to my life.  I have started to grow out of one of the friendships. Let's say her name is, "X". Well, umm, X has really hurt me by saying that i rant on my blog like a pathetic loser. I do sometimes rant on this blog, but i love to write. 
Also, who died and made you judge? ( i said sarcastically) 
So X has really been messing with my head and i turned into a messenger. Which is really annoying.  i honestly don't know what to do.  When ever i want to talk about something that is I'm portent to me, she'll turn the table and start talking about …

Where Did Humanity Go?

Hey! Thank you for the generous comments! I actually need to talk to you about something REALLY important. I was recently physically harassed/bullied at church. I'm going to have to start from the beginning-ish. So there is this girl who hates my guts, at church. Sadly I've known her for about eight years. I am usually not mean, but I really don't like her. She is violent and overly competitive (I'm not the only one who thinks so). I am not usually this mean, but I really cant stand a person so cruel and dirty minded. Sorry but what she did will probably make you think the same.

So on Friday was at church for something. So lets say that this girl's name is Emma. I don't want to give out personal information so.

So Emma has braces and we were sitting down and I totally spaced that she had braces on. So I accidently squeezed her cheeks, just as a funny friendly thing. Like to make that fishy face. It was not hard, trust me. I have really soft and "weak&q…


Hello! First of all, I want to say thank you so much for liking my blog and commenting. I honestly never thought this blog would take a positive yet drastic turn. I am extremely happy and I am so proud that my readers are benefiting through this.
Recently two of my viewers asked my to write a blog post about love, crushes and how to handle them.  Disclaimer: I am no love or relationship expert. In fact, being an Indian I cant date. True stereotype, sorry. My main reason is that I am 13 turning fourteen and I, myself, don't want to date.  Plus, I'm horrible at relationships and hiding my feelings.  I don't and can't date but that doesn't mean I didn't/don't have crushes. I might. (guilt-ish face) First thing's first, I'm going to tell you my story about my crushes from day one. 
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (I think). So I liked this boy for about three years. Then I thought I liked him for four more years, but I really didn't. I think that may be longest I…

Racist Much?

No matter who or what you are there is honestly no excuse for being racist. A while back, I wrote a post called "I'm Like A Sponge", I mentioned that a friend's family member was cussed at. 
so this is what happened... 
Anyways, so her dad is picking her up from school, and they're stuck in traffic. We're waiting and the windows are down. Out of nowhere this kid yells to them, "Hey you terrorist! I'm gonna f*** your wife!" I'm not going to go in to more details, sorry. She said I could type about this, but to keep it as closed up as possible.
TBH if this ever happens to you, report it! PROMISE me you will!!  NO matter what.
I did tell my friends, but all I got were gasps... not really affective or helpful.
There isn't realty a way you can prevent it, but you can definitely do something about it when it happens. PLEASE!!! My friend hopes that you will always be there for family and if this ever happens to you.. say something. Oh and d…

Life Lesson Learned

"Never take life for granted."         Recently, someone told me this. We had an intense talk (intense, you could say) about life and how important it is. I have anxiety and there are some times when I am just sick of life. I have major panic attacks now and then. Ihad one last night.       I recently posted a post on "love/crush" related things. It's quite girly, but oh well. I posted that post when I was calm.
        Before that, I had a panic attack, and I am not going through the best phase in my life. So, I texted someone and they really helped me. He made me realize that I shouldn't take life for granted. I wish I'd known that last year.
       I've been bullied before. A while ago, I was convinced from "outside forces" that there is a concept of popularity. One of my friends told me that I was wrong. There is no concept of that sort. It's all in my mind. I just need to be more confident, and I need to learn to love and be…

I'm Like A Sponge

Regardless of who is reading this I am going to type up a blog post and press "post". Within the last three years I've grown and I've shrunk down like a sponge. I tend to soak up some lessons and some pain. I assume it is human nature that we soak up the negatives. As much as I've tried I can never always let go of them. When I started sixth grade, I felt awesome. It was very "accomplishing" (I would say). I could walk in the room, knowing that the boy I liked was about to walk in through the door. I would loose sleep over a test. Now, I've completely forgot how to o that, or anything typical.   My best friends think I can. If I'm not talking to him, I'm hurting. If I am talking then by other peoples eyes I'm "flirting". Again, I'm thinking about those other people.. I think that this year, eighth grade, may be the hardest. Academically, eh, not really. I know someone who is practically Einstein 2.0. Literally, this pers…

Open Up?!?!

    I recently realized that I have kind of brought my self down. I have recently experienced major pain. I almost lost a friend to God. She has been a great support but she, herself is going through a lot of issues. I couldn't believe it when she told me!
   This isn't about that, this post is about how I  have to open up and why I am doing this blog.
I don't care about all the people who don't like this blog and the bullies that cant handle when I talk about them. I might sound rude but I think I should forget about that, and do what I want to, promote self love & happiness.


I wrote this a long time ago. I published it and then one day felt hesitant and decided to remove it. It's true though, this still happens. 

So its official many people in my school HATE my blog. Today I actually found one reason why they are mad at me. Its because I write about my bullying yet they think I am mean to them. I know how they feel and why. I may be mean to them.... but its not like I do it on purpose. The thing is that they.. I... us, we have filled up our relationship (as acquaintances) with so much negativity. I do realize and accept I can be rude at times, but all of sixth grade I spent trying to make them like me and being nice. It just doesn't work, what am I supposed to do.   So now I just cant like them because of ALL the negativity that's been created....

Someone told me to forget about the haters... It can be hard; Considering you see them every day.

Vacation & Cute pubs...!!

Hello!  About a week ago, I went on vacation, it was so much fun. I thought that you guys would like to see my photography skills. ( joking ) We went on a mini cruise, and we also went parasailing.... Plus, whilst on the cruise my grandma was FREAKING OUT as she is so afraid of water. The beach was beautiful as well, but I don't have pictures of them, yet. The parasailing view was quite magical and amazing! Can't wait for next year!!  Honestly, it was so much fun. Hope you like it. The sunset.... There is a guy who lives on that boat! No joke. Therese pots with that cute boat !!! Ok. This wasn't taken on vacation, but it was water related... so yeah.. :) I live this picture of this dock.... There was this really cute pub we were at.. OMG.. the food was amazing!!

At the same pub...!

Just a cute little shop... The rest are just pictures from when I was on the cruise...

Maturity and Chats... Ready?

Hello!! I was recently told that your maturity level grows with experience. Mainly experience of life. I agree, it does. I was also told that a thirteen year old an a forty five year old can not go through the same experience without living a similar lifetime. Wrong!! I am 13 yet I am goofy, sensitive (extremely), strong- as in hardcore, and I am very mature for my age. I am not bragging- there is nothing to brag about. All I am saying, is that for the parents that think their kids aren't mature enough or aren't ready for things in life, they should let go. Let go and then find out. I was told I am not mature, I am stupid, and idiotic. I don't care, what you see me as or how my attitude affects you. If the other person thinks I am idiotic. I ignore them. I suggest you do that too. If someone insults you, among 10, 100 or just one other person, stop them. Trust me it's not worth being made fun of. 

Also, I recently got in contact with one of the bullies, who bullies…

Self Love. Experience.

Hello.............................................. My last couple posts were just to get something up. To be honest they were not very meaningful. Hopefully this will be a lot better...... now on to the main part........ As you may know I suffer through anxiety, bullying and a lot of pressure.  Just gonna put this out there. "I am Indian"  Now my friends that I grew up with are Indian. No big deal on that, but when I tell them about my issues in life, they blow it out of proportion. Which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. There is nothing wrong with me.  What happens is that I take TOO much pressure on myself and I suffer through bullying which could have triggered my anxiety. I think it is one of the main reasons. When I say there is nothing wrong with me I mean that what the "Indian" group's assumption is that I am this crazy mental patient. Honestly, they don't understand anxiety and take it as a mental issue.    I am not against Indians and not all of…

Starbucks & Books

Do you ever feel that when you wake up you have to do something?


Today was a interesting and a day where I can say " I moved on from the people who don't understand what my life is all about. "
I got back in contact with a old friend of mine. She told me what she was going through and I didn't want to give her sympathy, so I gave her advice. 

     Most of the day I spent my time at Barnes & Nobles. I sat there and typed and typed. I really enjoyed it there; mostly because it was very calm and peaceful. Like a library but it had a little bit more of a sound and feeling to it.

I do enjoy Starbucks and bought myself a Java Chip Frappuccino !

Above all I sat there and read Girl Online and typed. 

New Things I Ch.1

Thx to everyone who has ever pitched in to make me where I am today....    

                  I am not a pro- writer but I have managed to type up my novel / book's first chapter. Personally, I think I did pretty well by introducing the characters and the setting. I am sorry, I am not saying anything, as I can't. If I tell you know, then there will be no point of me writing it. Although, I have been thinking about the idea of putting it on Whattpad.
    If you don't know what that is let me explain. It is web/app where you can read and write your own stories. 
                  Awesome news, I have recently, like about ten minutes ago started a Instagram account for my blog. My friend gave me the idea, and has been so supportive of it.
     AND I changed my URL from to........
  I thought I would name everything like,  maybe, I will be making a Twitter and a Tumblr for the blog. If any of you have anything to …

B n W Obsession


Recently I have been in love with Black and White pictures. I honestly think that B n W only now days exists in pictures........... I believe that one of my best friends posted so many pictures and now I ended doing the same. I find B n W pictures really classy. I belive this started in april and I thank my friend for it.  Here are some I took..........................

Anyways something that I feel happened over the weekend which was REALLY amazing was that I stood up to someone in a way that I couldn't for the last two years. I'm not naming names but I swear I feel like this person got offended by what I said. To be honest if you show your anger in a talk or chat, doesn't that mean you are mad or are getting affected by it? I tweeted saying:

I swear I didn't want to be mean, but what was in me for two years just had to come out. I wasn't guilty of it, I think I was proud.

So... The Book! I have gotten quite far with the book and I am so excited. I am so …

New Start, New Beginning

Hello Everyone!
     I wanted to do something different today, less um......... inspiring ( depends on how you take it, or what you do with it ). I started to do a post on Overcoming Depression even though I still haven't lost it completely.
    I feel like today is the day I want to do something different, like a daily blog post. Please do not expect me to do something like this daily. I am young and don't have sooo much time to write, even though I love it.
        Practically this morning till about 4:30 pm I was at school. I know some people might say  " That's Boring " well.... it can be! Not really a lot happened but I had a meeting with the principal addressing something that I might want to add to the school. Getting home I came across a visitor, eh ( not trying to be mean ). OK Forget this..................

       What I really wanted to end up saying is that I AM WRITING A BOOK!        ME! The girl who doesn't choose to read that much, is writin…

Fell On A Walk - Poem

This is one of the many poems I've written. I love to write, especially poetry, and I found this poem...Enjoy!

I don't know who he is,
he reminds of the other one,
the other one whom I admire.

I might be too young,
but unlike others I have a special thing for him.
Is it a special thing?
Is it a secret and emotional feeling?
Could be, Yes!

I could be stupid,
to fall in love at this young age.
I don't know if it is even love,
all I want is for him to take me,
take me somewhere,

I am not sure of leaving everything behind and going,
going to live with him in the mountains.
I am sure of the fact that he loves me,
and will die with me,
breath the same air as me,
and never let me go.

We went on a simple walk,
in the morning,
and then fell,
fell in love.........................

In Love................

* So guys I hoped you like that poem I wrote " Fell On A Walk ". I want to tell I am not in love with anyone I was just bored and decided to…

It is meant to be!!!

Hi guys! I recently went to a dinner and at the end I got two fortune cookies and I decided to open them.  One of them read "hear with your ears but listen with your heart" And the other said "your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself"  The second one turly defines my nature, ambitious. I recently posted a new blog update thanking Zoe Sugg. I'm not sure that you all read the part of my horrendous experiences. If at least one of you goes through the same things and haven't been making a change then I suggest that you do now. 
" Zoe and I suffer through the same complications like anxiety, panic attacks. I suffer through that, but I also suffer through bullying ( both cyber and emotional. also gossip). "   " I don't know if I have ended up opening this blog to only people from my school, but that's not what I want. I want this to go far and big. "
 I hope that these last two posts have helped or have told you more…

Not Gonna Stop

Hello...! For the past couple days I have been getting mean looks and comments about my blog. I think that they are  scared..........of what I'm not sure. Just because they are giving me these looks doesn't mean that I am going stop writing, its just giving me more courage to write. I have been thinking so much about being homeschooled, and when I told a friend one of the "jerks" heard me and said "yes, thank god". can't be serious, how mean.... I have been through a endless amount of stupid comments and  looks. They think I cant hear their mean comments or see their looks,  but I do. My friends have really supported me..... I cant seem to understand why they do this, why they think its funny.. its not.......... what have I ever done to them.
When I think of homeschooling I realize it just gives them more power to ruin me. NO! I'm not going to be homeschooled............. I know I can stand up to this and  will.
  Just because someo…

Something Different

I honestly never imagined that teens from my school would end up reading this blog. I thought this would just be a place for people who don't know me...... or might. It was actually kidna sort of weird or amazing....... still cant decide. He said that he read my blog it was weird at first, but I guess I was happy. I wasn't sure if they realized that they were the ones bullying me. Honestly, I don't think they even thought or realized that they do it.

 Surprisingly, things have calmed downed for now but I have no idea if there is something huge waiting for me.

Waiting to see their reaction to this post..........



Honestly if you look at it Bulls are actually nicer than bullies.For me it's hard to understand that other people get bullied unless I don't see it or hear it. Sometimes when you get bullied,  do you feel like you are the only one and that everyone else's life is perfect.  It happens to me all the time. When you get bullied and you see that your friends or so-called friends stand up for, you feel good. Then when your friends join some stupid "Miss popularity club" or so-called clique and they don't stand up for you anymore, you realize then that they're not friends. When that happens to me I get totally confused sometimes I go into shock.  Honestly now I don't understand what is a friend.

"You'll find new friends, you will lose old ones, as you continue on the path way of life"