Sikhism & Sterotypes

Sikhism (Sikhi)- a monotheistic religion that originated in the Punjab region of India (subcontinent in South Asia) during the 15th century. 
  My family and I practice the religion Sikhism. A religion that is not as talked or known about yet it is the 5th largest religion in the world.  The word Sikh means a "learner" or a "disciple".
The beliefs of Sikhism are expressed and written in the sacred scripture called the "Guru Granth Sahib". The Guru Granth Sahib includes faith and meditation in the name of the one creator, unity of all humankind, engaging inselfless service, striving for social justice for thebenefit and prosperity of all, and honest conduct and livelihood while living a householder's life. Sikhism has 27-28 million adherents worldwide and isthe fifth-largest religion in the world.
  The word 'Sikhism' is derived from the Punjabi verb Sikhi, with roots in Sikhana (to learn), and Sikhi connotes the "temporal path of learning&…

Bitch, Please.

hello. Hey guys! So a while ago i wrote a post about losing a friend and guess what? haha that happened again. yay ?! I need to go off and rant about this but also share what I've learned. I can't give you advice about how to deal with it right now but maybe in a while. This time, I'm going to have this in a crazy format. It won't be a good format, it may be all over the place but I'll try. 
Okay so this friend and I had a "fight" and basically they left. Walked to of my life. They meant a lot to me and now they're out, gone, left, whatever. Yeah, sure it does hurt like HELL, but they were part of my journey. It sucks ASS when you lose your best friend. They just decide to be an ass one day and you're like what the ---, okay. I don't know if they will ever come back but they were horrible, a horrible person. Their words and actions hurt but they don't matter because that person mattered, they don't anymore (to me) so nothing they say or…

Self Worth & Self Esteem

Disclaimer: this can turn into a rant but i'll try not to:)  but hello again! :) 
i've recently been motivated and i've had` this vibe or whatever that just makes me want to keep going. Honestly, that is not like me, that doesn't sound like me but for some reason i've been so determined this year and i'm not completely sure about how i got there.  i think it started off from me talking to someone on Snapchat and this girl, Anna,  (let's just say Anna, not her real name though) said that you just have to work hard and keep going and you will hate it but you just have to. There's no option. So somehow after that day, i've been so motivated to keep going and one of my friends laughs at me for this but when i want to stop or give up i literally say, "just keep swimming." For anything, that's like my "mantra" (haha) but it honestly works so well for me. 
Since that day when i talked to Anna, which i believe was a day before new y…


Hello !
Okay so I honestly don't even know where to start.
Alright can we please just take like 2 minutes and just think about the people we've lost this summer. I think it has been the most emotional summer ever. I can't even began to think the amount of pain the families are in. Oh, God. Personally, i believe in God and my faith is pretty strong but i do not force my faith on people. I think everyone should be who they want to be and shouldn't be hurt or killed for being themselves. I have two friends who are atheists and a few homosexual friends and i love them, so much. Like try to hurt them and see what happens. I am SOOOO against bullying. It bugs me how people are just ugh, i have no idea how to explain what i am feeling. People who are gay, bi, transgender, atheists, etc. are amazing and beautiful. I find gay people so cute and adorable. (omg, i sound so weird but it's true)  You should live life the way you want to. I'm sorry but do not listen to anyo…

What People and I Have Forgotten

Heho! This will be a very short post just reminding myself and my viewers or whatever you would prefer to be called. I was look back at an old post of mine, Open Up?!?!. Also, yes I know I said I wouldn't post something for a while but I wanted to just remind the people out there (and me) that the MAIN reason I am doing this blog and writing is cause I love to write and discover myself, to talk about what I stand for and to PROMOTE SELF LOVE!! I am actually happy to say that after I am of of my "break", a few (hopefully) of my posts will be about self love, confidence, and accepting and caring for yourself. I was looking back at that old post and it reminded me why I am doing this. Check out that post. It's short but deep and yes, means a lot to me. Love, Darsh

Been Gone..

Hey! I am so sorry to everyone who reads this blog often(if there is anyone. haha). Sorry for being AWOL for about 2+ months. I have been trying to discover myself this summer and so I've been taking time for me! If you know me, you would know that that never really happens. So sorry for the absence but just to let you know my next post will be when I am back home from India. Don't worry, it will not be that long. hehe ;) much love, Darshleen Kaur <3

Am I Surviving?

I am going to try to answer the tittle in this post. To be honest, I don't know if I am. That wave of bullying came back! yay! (sarcastic alert) Honestly, it was dying out and I was hoping that it would stay that way until summer break started, then it would be gone for good, or so i hope. Maybe I jinxed it! :P ugh. Knowing myself I know I'll survive or at least try. "It's better to try than to give up." I am trying but not succeeding. I think that I maybe still broken or not even 30% okay. Yeah, I'm not  perfectly okay., but who is? Yet, I'm trying, I really am, and that makes the day survivable. I know that i'm not letting the words hurt me, i am shutting out what i don't want to hear, and i'm looking ahead. I know I'm not surviving  with no pain but neither are two of my friends. They have their own life issues and I try to stay strong around them and I try to help them but then I don't think about myself. I have this personality t…